Three sisters use writing and books to creatively help people


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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Meet the Parvez sisters.

“The first book that I wrote is called ‘The Tale of Princess Penelope,” said Bakhtawar Parvez, author of seven books.

They’re smart.

“My mom said I could try to make a book out of all those passages,” said seven-year-old author Vanousheh Parvez.Amarillo ISD to host spelling bee competition


“I’m in fifth grade, and I’m 10 years old,” said Author Manizhe Parvez.

And each one of them, a published author. 15-year-old Bakhtawar, a freshman at Amarillo High, has already written seven books. She’s currently working on an eighth.

She has books ranging from family experience, to poetry.

“My fourth book is called ‘Poems of Things In The Ordinary and Out,’” she said. “There’s just a collection of little poems I like to write.”

Then there’s Manizhe.

“My book is about a girl named Chelsea,” she said. “She battles difficulties in a game called Roblox and in real life.”

She’s written one book, titled “Roblox Rivalry”, all from a familiar place.Local veterinarian gives high school students real working experience

“I thought about my family experiences and I thought I would come up wit some names, and a fictional story,” she said.

And finally, Vanousheh, the youngest.

“My book is about reading passages and answering the following question to help people learn,” she said.

She has a passion for helping people.

“I want to be a trauma surgeon like my dad,” she said. Because you can help people feel better.”

Do they plan on writing more books?

“Yup!,” Vanousheh said.

You can find the Parvez sisters’ books on Amazon.

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